Thursday, July 06, 2006

happy birthday micah!

I tried to post this yesterday, but my computer was going crazy, so here it is. July 5th was Micah's 19th birthday! yeah go Micah. i wish we could've celebrated it with him with a BBQ or something, but we will do that when he gets back. So, with that, pray for Micah and know that he is doing really well. he is finished with "basic" and moving to "AIT." it's more free time, class time, and he gets 3 days off to do whatever! (Meredith, he wants to call you and hang out). Happy Birthday Micah we miss you!


Leah said...

Yes, Happy Birthday Micah!! It is so sad that you can't even talk to him on his birthday. :( Oh well, we can celebrate with him soon.


micah said...

hey girl! thanks for thinking of me! my mom is having a party tonight (just so you know, she told me she's making cake and all too, for real this time) :) well my birthday was pretty was a fun filled day too. CS gas, MOP4, the works. we did get a shower that day though, and after 3 days in the great MO outdoors, it was heavenly! you get pretty funky pretty fast out there. well im on my out to sushi! yeah baby! ill talk to you later

Meredith said...

I'm hanging out with Micah after church tomorrow. We're going to see a movie and maybe do something afterworard if he has time before he heads back to the "base" I wish you were to hang out too!
Kepp hanging in there Sarah!!!! He'll be home before you know it.