Wednesday, May 24, 2006

apparently i've been tagged

well the rumors are all true, i have been tagged. so here i go. 6 weird/crazy/habits about myself. brace yourself. this could get ugly....
1--well, i'll follow the "norm" and share with you my shower routine...--turn on water and get the right temp. --take off clothes-- hop in--turn on shower--get hair wet--shampoo hair--wash face--rinse hair and face--condition hair--wash body--(if i shave then i shave one leg, rinse hair, shave the other)--rinse hair and body--turn off water--ring hair out--dry off-face, middle, legs, arms--then i do this weird thing with my hair where i flip my head back and forth or something, it gets most of the water out and makes it dry faster...i don't know how i started doing that but it works. --hang towel up--bottom clothes on--top clothes. well there it is.

2--i love filling the ice cream machine at work! it's the soft ice cream and it is a creamy liquid in this giant bag. all of us at work call it the "baby" because it's heavy like a baby. so then i have to pull the step ladder out, hold the "baby", and climb up, take the cap off and pour. i don't know why i like it so much, but yesterday i was working and i had to refill the machine! i was so excited, so i got everything out and ready, and then the drive-thru rang. so i took care of that, and when i looked at the machine, Julia was filling it up! kill joy. it's a rare occation to fill that thing up, and she stole it from me! it's a good thing i had yummy lemon water to calm me down!

3--i secretly wish that i could play the bagpipes. it's true. i think they're so cool and sound amazing. i have no idea how i could do this, or if anyone could even teach me. Honestly, do you know anyone that teaches bagpipe lessons? it's a lost art. maybe i'll just have to travel over to scotland and have them teach me. now that would be cool!

4--i love cleaning. not the bathroom or my bedroom, but cleaning dirt and grease off surfaces so that it magically becomes sparkling white! i think it all started the first time i saw an Oxy-clean info-mercial. i love those commercials. for some reason i become fascinated with the dirty surface they have, and then they spray the "product" and in one wipe, it's sparkling white! there's just nothing like it! that's my favorite thing to do at work too. i walk around with the degreaser,spray, scrub, wipe. sometimes i even feel like i'm in one of those info-mercials, minus the cheesey co-host.

5--i love office supplies. i don't know why, but i love going to office max, staples, or the "school supplies'' isle at the store. it's not like i visit them regularly, but when i do, i'm there for a while. at the beginning of the school year i was shopping for pencils, and i didn't know which kind to get because there were so many to choose from! i probably stood there for 20 min. or something. Tina even bought me a little stapler for school, and it has little colored staples to go in it! my favorite office supplies are sharpies/markers. even though i don't own alot of them, i stand in the isle wishing i did!

6--i couldn't think of another one, so i'll tell you one from my past. when we moved to south weber i got my own room. (this was in 6th grade) so in the summer time at night (i only did this in summer because i knew i didn't have to go to bed on time) when i couldn't sleep, and i didn't know what to do, i would rearrange my furniture. i would, all by myslef, move my bed, dresser, desk, and bookshelves. completely move them across the room. i was bored. but my room looked cool in the morning when my mom saw it!
well, pretty much everyone has already been tagged, so enjoy my weirdness!


AMY said...

i think your's is my favorite, mostly cause i know you the best. i still remember the sound of you whipping your hair around in the bathroom to get all the water off! also, i love office supplies too, it must be a family thing (i don't know if craig does?) the one surprise... i had no idea about the furniture rearranging, but all i can say is that's a bit like mom! woah.

Sarah said...

amy-mom remembered the furniture rearranging, but she had no idea it happened at night! it's because i'm a ninja.

AMY said...

yes you are!

Anonymous said...

Feel free to come clean my oven any time! (we had lasagna a couple nights ago and it boiled over on to the bottom and I am DREADING scrubbing it out!)

Leah said...


What a great list. I completely agree with you about office supplies... I could spend hours in the pencil & pen isle, and I love file folders. So I always volunteer at work to be the one to go and buy supplies when we need them. My, how I suffer. :-P


Leah said...

Oh and one more thing... the bagpipes are cool! Our best friends from college got married in this huge old stone church and they walked out to the bagpipes (they had a friend from WI that played them) it was AWESOME. You have to have some huge lungs, but they are cool. It is a lost art. :) Ok, I am done talking (typing) now.

L :)

Jessica Marie said...

I love the ice cream one. I loved pouring out the ice cream bladder thingys at Cold Stone. I spilled one out once. OOPS.

Jan said...

What about your obsession with CLUE?

Meredith said...

Send me your address so I can send you a graduation card. Congratulations by the way on your graduation! I wish I could have been there.
Are you coming down here when Micah graduates from boot camp. Have you heard from him much? How's he doing?
It would be great if you could come down with Elaine and Ramesh and the boys.

Have a great rest of the week and a wonderful weekend!