Friday, May 12, 2006

the amazing race...well sort of.

ok. so today was my region track meet for 1A schools. i was running the 100 meter hurdles, and the 300 meter hurdles ( 400 meters is once around the track). so, 1A is really small because i only ran against 2 other girls, and one of them is on my team. the gun goes off, and boom we're off. i take first with a giant lead! yeah go me. come to find out that the people running the timer at the finish line, were not ready, so i had to run it again! don't worry i still got first. moving on to...the 300 hurdles. this race is my favorite. i'm running with 7 girls. (2 of them were the same girls from the 100). so i'm coming up to my 2nd to last hurdle and wammy! i get a cramp in my thigh, and i slow down, almost fall, yell, i'm in pain, you know the usual, but since i was in a giant lead again, i still got first. yippy for me. so i'm a 2-time region winner and going to state next weekend. Suzy also did awesome, and got 1st place in discus throwing 103 ft. and then 4th for shotput with 29.1 ft. so if you see her tell her she is amazing!


AMY said...

yeah, i like your blog, i'll help you with the links soon. your race was so fun to watch, that's why your jumps are the best. love ya!

Meredith said...

congrats Sarah!!!! My little brothers and sister all run track and I love going to their meets.
I'll be praying for you during "state" good luck girly!!!

Ryan said...

sarahrah! i'm glad you got a blog. now your "one of those people" when the myspacers talk about their cool little myspace account. and you can just say, "i have no reason to have a myspace account because i have no interest in being a sex preditor" :)