Wednesday, May 02, 2007

get the facts straight!

most of you might have heard about the car accident that happened yesterday in Kaysville on 89...a truck drove through a yellow light and hit a UTA bus that was turning left, then spun and hit another car, and the driver was thrown from his truck. the driver of the truck is the son of Kelli's manager. kelli said that he had to be life flighted to the hospital and they didn't think he would even make it because he was in such bad shape. it's a terrible thing that happened, and when my mom and i watched the news on channel 5, they made it sound like it was a wreckless driver going mad through the streets. i think his exact words were "an accident on 89 made a slow commute for drivers"..."a truck ran a light, hit a bus, and then spun to hit another car. the driver of the truck was life flighted to the hospital, and Troopers are trying to find out who is at fault. the intersection has been cleared, and traffic in the area is back to normal."
oh, well once we find out whose fault it was that will make it all better! and don't worry about if the driver is still alive because the traffic in the area is back to normal. i couldn't believe they made it sound like he ran the light on purpose. get your facts straight!
in other news...
school is officailly over! done, complete, i closed the deal, it's a wrap, terminated, finalized, strike 3 you're out, here's the curtain call, victory is mine, hail the conquering hero, houston we are clear for take off. '
that is all.


Jan said...

maybe you should change your major to're good

Anonymous said...

Well written article.