Thursday, January 11, 2007

thoughts for 2007

there is something about starting a new year that i love. i'm not quite sure what it is, but it is a great feeling. maybe it's the feeling that my life is not going to be like this forever, and that it can change. maybe the fact that 2006 was a great year, so shouldn't 2007 be better? or maybe i view it like a new start with God, and that my relationship with Him will be better. perhaps it's because i haven't seen anyone in 30 days so it's so exciting to see everyone again. but maybe it's just becasue i can't explain this feeling, so that's why it's so good. it's good just because it's good. does that make sense? i don't think you guys are fully grasping how much i love the new year, i mean, i really love it.
i have to admit to you folks that my obsession with the new year does not include "new years resolutions." i have always viewed them as dumb, and cliche (spelling?). but this year i think i will make one. it is still a work in progress, but #1 is to read at least one book a month (not including the bible). #2 is to be on top of my school work like you wouldn't believe! my grades from last semester were not so good, so this semester is going to be better! #3 i'm going to get more sleep. i'm not going to stay up so late on school nights this semester.
well, what are your thoughts and resolutions for the new year? i hope it has been good for you so far as it has been for me.
have a great day.
that is all.

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